Theft Charges

Texas law allows an officer to issue a ticket to someone instead of arresting them for the Class B Misdemeanor of theft. Even though the officer issues a ticket, if the value of the item taken is $20 or more and less than $500 it is still a Class B Misdemeanor and a serious matter. If you received a ticket in Travis County for a Class B Misdemeanor theft charge, you must report to Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5 by the date on your ticket. Judge Evans will see you, sign a personal bond, and have you report to the bonding desk in the courthouse. At the bonding desk your fingerprints and picture will be taken. You will also be given a court date. This process can take half a day and will be very boring. Make sure you bring something to read.

Property Crimes

If you are arrested or charged with an offense involving a misdemeanor or felony theft of property it is important to speak with a criminal defense attorney who knows the intricacies or property crimes. The lawyers and Gunter and Bennett are experienced in handling a variety of cases involving theft charges.