My wife and I have auto insurance that renews in July. I’m an organizational nut and have the auto insurance cards laminated and highlighted ready to go in the glove box. In addition to this, I shrink the insurance cards down to credit card size and laminate those so they’re very easily accessed should an officer need them. I also make it double sided so my wife’s car is on one side and my car is on the other. I know, it’s a little nutty, but officers are trained to observe how you get your driver’s license and insurance as part of a DWI investigation.

By having the insurance cards the size of credit cards and right next to my DL I can quickly get them for the officer. This shows good mental faculties no matter how much I’ve had to drink (remember you’re DWI if you’ve lost your physical or mental faculties).

If you’re not as nutty as me at least have your DL and auto insurance ready to go if you find yourself on the side of the road with red and blues behind you.